Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)

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But he packed more into those 32 years than most people do in a lifetime. He sailed iron paddle-steamers down the Euphrates River in —36 and fought with conspicuous bravery in wars in Syria and China. He concealed several secrets, including the scandal of his birth, the source of his influence, and his plans for what to do after the Franklin Expedition. The author strips away years of misinformation and half-truths to enable us to understand, for the first time, Fitzjames and his significance for the Franklin Expedition.

William Battersby is an investment manager who has been researching the Franklin Expedition for many years. He is the author of an article on the lead poisoning suffered by its members in the Journal of the Hakluyt Society. Battersby lives in London, England. In short, Stanley Barracks is the story of Toronto. Currently, she teaches military history, among other history courses, at the University of Western Ontario. She lives in London, Ontario. Mike Filey was born in Toronto in His Toronto Sketches series is more popular now than ever before.

Anthony Dalton Dewey Soper first travelled to the Arctic in During the next seven years he accepted three research postings on Baffin Island, each of which lasted between one and two years. In he discovered the breeding grounds of the blue goose in the southwest corner of Baffin Island. Later in life he worked in the western Arctic.

Soper was the last of the great pioneer naturalists in Canada. He was also a skilled and meticulous explorer. As a naturalist, he was a major contributor to the National Museum of Canada, as well as to the University of Alberta and other museums across the country. Anthony Dalton is an adventurer and an author. He has written five non-fiction books and collaborated on two others. His illustrated non-fiction articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers in 20 countries and nine languages. He lives in Delta, British Columbia.

Born in , he made his Toronto Symphony conducting debut at He went on to become the artistic director of the Winnipeg Symphony, a conductor with the Toronto Symphony, and a guest conductor of virtually every major symphony orchestra in Canada. However, what really set Feldbrill apart was his limitless enthusiasm and support of Canadian music and young musicians, as well as his insistence on playing the music of Canadian composers despite the reluctance of some orchestral managers and the initial opposition of audiences at the time.

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  7. In doing so he reached out to young people and trained many to take their places as members of Canadian orchestras from coast to coast. Currently, he lives in Toronto. At a time of great sacrifice in Canadian history, we are welcomed into the homes, the hearts, and the minds of mothers, sons, fathers, and friends as we follow Syd Smith and his high-school brotherhood of 13 when they answer the call to duty in Written with his son, David, Lifting the Silence is also a father-and-son journey of discovery that uncovers a remarkable letter that serves as testament to what still defines Canada today.

    The letter closes with a heartfelt expression of hope to once again receive the downed pilot they had sheltered in in an atmosphere of peace. As if by Providence, this lost letter now serves to reunite Syd with his angel of the French Resistance 61 years later. Sydney P. Retiring after 40 years of practising in Northern and Southern Ontario, he now lives in Kitchener, Ontario.

    His past writing has been in the form of screenplays and storyboarding for major North American and European motion picture studios. He now lives in Los Angeles. By his friendliness of manner, strict discipline, and vigorous and constant travel, he brought peace and prosperity to the vast empire under his control.

    He was knighted in , then travelled around the world, predicting the fall of California to the United States, saving the Hawaiians from colonial occupation, and describing the mysteries of remotest Siberia. Macdonald as one of the greatest Makers of Canada. Lahey is a retired Ontario teacher and department head of English. Dividing his time between his beloved wilderness and a shack behind the Studio Building near downtown Toronto, Thomson was a major inspiration to his painter friends who, not long after his death, went on to change the course of Canadian art as the influential — and equally controversial — Group of Seven.

    Wayne Larsen is a Montreal artist, editor, and writer whose work has appeared in a wide variety of publications. Currently, he teaches graduate-level journalism at Concordia University and is the author of A. He lives in Verdun, Quebec. An entertaining, educational read, the book features chapters with detailed inventories of available records in federal, provincial, and local repositories; published transcripts and indexes; online transcripts and indices; and suggestions for additional reading.

    The book also contains engravings jails and courthouses, public hangings, judges , maps indicating locations of jails, jurisdictions , charts for statistics such as frequencies of different kinds of offences , and document examples court minutes, jail registers, newspaper reports, et cetera , while case studies demonstrate the use and relevance of various records.

    She lives in Toronto. Many family researchers with Ontario roots discover they have ancestors who were teachers. Those with no teachers in the family may have ancestors who were part of the Ontario education system as students. Today there are numerous varied resources available to find information on teachers, pupils, schools, textbooks, and curricula in historical Ontario.

    Education and Ontario Family History outlines the resources available for education from about to the early 20th century, not only for genealogists but also for other historians with an interest in educational records.

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    Many historical resources are currently being digitized, and Ontario and education are no exceptions. She teaches online courses for the National Genealogical Institute, is a frequent speaker at genealogical conferences, and is a regular contributor to Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, and Discovering Family History. Do you know how long it took to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? Was it faster from east to west or west to east? Imagine sailing to India, a five-month trip around the Cape of Good Hope! No wonder late Victorians valued the steamship and the Suez Canal. Do you know what a rod or a chain is and what they measured?

    This sort of information can be found on the Internet — somewhere — but the researcher can waste a lot of time hunting for it. Althea Douglas has written numerous articles on genealogy, Canadian local history, and heritage conservation.

    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)

    She lives in Ottawa. Feasting and Fasting is an introduction to the foods and beverages that were a central part of how our ancestors celebrated important events. Long before the arrival of newcomers, the First Nations were celebrating the passages of life, the changing seasons, and the gifts of the Great Spirit with feasting. Diverse and unique culinary histories began to develop as the newcomers were unable to find some of their traditional ingredients and were forced to compromise. Wild game, fruit, plants, grains, vegetables, and maple sugar were often transformed from survival foods to the foods of celebration.

    Food brought families and communities together to pay tribute, to honour, to celebrate, to mourn, and to be comforted. This is a sampling of their events and what was on their tables at births, weddings, funerals, religious holidays, garden parties, and more! Pammett, Judith I.

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    Dynasties and Interludes provides a comprehensive and unique overview of elections and voting in Canada from Confederation to the recent spate of minority governments. Changes in the composition of the electorate and in the technology and professionalization of election campaigns are also examined in this book, both to provide a better understanding of key turning points in Canadian history and a deeper interpretation of present-day electoral politics. Jon H. Judith I. McKenzie is a political science associate professor at the University of Guelph and is the author of Environmental Politics in Canada: Managing the Commons into the 21st Century.

    Of related interest: When President Barack Obama sat at his desk for the first time in the Oval Office in January , one of the farthest things from his mind was Canada. On Capitol Hill the whirling pursuit of interests was intense. He has served on the staff of the governor general of Canada and was a senior policy adviser in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. It speaks to a new generation of artists, giving them an up-to-date guide to the business of acting. It also takes a fresh look at old ones: agents, self-promotion, and work opportunities for women and minorities.

    The authors learn by constantly talking to emerging artists about the problems they face in the business in Canada. Miriam Newhouse has acted in and directed theatre worldwide and across Canada. She has appeared in film, radio, and television and is the labour cochair of the Ontario Advisory Committee for Health and Safety in the Live Performing Arts. Peter Messaline voiced the original Dr. Previous edition Every hockey fan remembers certain goals scored that stand out from all others. But if one had to name just 20 as the greatest ever accomplished, what would they be? He lives in Owen Sound, Ontario.

    In the same series: The Bible has had a profound impact on the world. Who is the only left-handed person mentioned in the Bible? Who asked Jesus Christ to perform his first recorded miracle? How many passages has God said to have written in the Bible? What caused Moses to break the tablets of the Ten Commandments? How many versions of the Bible are there? Doug Lennox is an internationally acclaimed broadcaster, a veteran character actor, a commercial voice artist, and a bestselling author.

    Meet the legendary panhandler Shaky Lady; the Weasel, who knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried; the secretive swinger Sexy Boots; the notorious Bicycle Bandit, who quit robbing banks, got a loan, and opened a bar; and Dr. Hook, the top doc whose professional fate rested on the cut of his jib. Each column in this collection is a mini-world, tight and bright.

    Even the most serious issues are dissected and dispatched with often biting wit and cheek. Mike Strobel is a former editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun, who came to his senses and returned to writing in He has won a dozen journalism awards and draws a million online views a year. However, thanks to the high-stress environments people currently live in, they are now starting to realize how important friendship is to a healthy and full life.

    This book shows readers how to open the flow of friendship in their lives by learning to be friends. By following these activities, readers discover how to be friends with themselves, how to be friends with others, and how to strengthen existing friendships. Author David Hunt also describes his experiences with learning how to be a friend, including his successes and failures. David E. He lives in Toronto.

    Irving, Ph. For three decades Dr. Howard H. Irving has championed the use of divorce mediation outside the adversarial court system to save couples and their children from the bitter legacy of legal wrangling and winner-takes-all custody battles. Now, calling on his vast experience mediating more than 2, cases, Irving has written Children Come First directly for couples contemplating or undergoing divorce. Irving is internationally recognized as the co-founder of therapeutic family mediation and is a founding member and past president of Family Mediation Canada.

    Irving lives in Toronto. Is Toyota Dead? In this all-new guide he says: In the same series:. Electric cars and ethanol power are PR gimmicks. Diesel and natural gas are the future. Mercedes-Benz — rich cars, poor quality. Over almost 40 years, he has written more than Lemon-Aid bestsellers. Currently, he lives in Panama. The renowned ufologist takes us on a tour of UFOs in Canada and around the world. He has studied UFOs, aliens, abductions, and even encounters reported by kids. Chris A. Rutkowski is a science writer who has devoted much time to investigating and studying reports of UFOs, writing about case investigations, and offering his insights into the broad UFO phenomenon.

    He lives just outside Winnipeg.

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    Of related interest: Shrouded in the mists of history and legend, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is a land of mysteries. It was the home of a vanished First Nations people, the Beothuks; it was the stage upon which a Viking saga of survival was played out; and it was once the haunt of pirates. Haunt, indeed! Because of these historical facts, Newfoundland and Labrador has tales of the supernatural that date back centuries, to a time before Canada even existed as a nation. Here the ghosts not only lurk in old houses and forlorn cemeteries, they come up out of the sea to walk the decks of ships before the eyes of terrified crewmen.

    They lament out on the ice where 77 men perished in the Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory X. Book Description Dundurn Group Ltd, New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Items related to Storm Below Voyageur Classics. Storm Below Voyageur Classics. Hugh Garner. Publisher: Dundurn , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

    View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Originally published in , Storm Below tells the story of a fictional Royal Canadian Navy ship and its crew. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image.

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    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)
    Storm Below (Voyageur Classics) Storm Below (Voyageur Classics)

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