Santa Baby

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She is microinfluencing you, darling! Here is a link and a coupon, beloved! I really admire the thoroughness of Eartha Kitt's requests in this song. May we all be this specific and this direct about our needs and wants.

Santa Baby

In addition to a sable, she wants a light blue '54 Convertible. Not indigo, baby!

Ariana Grande - Santa Baby ft. Liz Gillies

Not cerulean , precious! She also wants a yacht and has the audacity to say that's not a lot. This is some Mariah Carey energy, baby! If you don't have the deed to a platinum mine, you can GTFO, sweetheart! Love a Christmas carol that could be subtitled "As you are aware, I am out of your league.

Isn't Santa married to Jessica Claus? What is this arrangement? It seems it's purely fiduciary in nature, so I say blessings on the whole group.


Get yours, everyone. I believe that was also the salutation on the White House Christmas card.

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Santa Baby ends like a great Matlock interrogation scene: she makes all her points and then feigns a conclusion before slyly turning around for an innocent follow-up that, of course, brings the hammer down. Don't send your regards; send jewelry, baby! I don't want conversation, love, I want carats!

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She likes morning sex but there's nothing in this world that she likes more than checks! Honestly, this song is an inspiration. May we all have the clarity of mind and the singularity of purpose of this Christmas classic that is not about trading affection for goods, but rather about getting gifts because you want them and you deserve them. Also, the singer asks Santa for a fur and a yacht and a platinum mine when really, there are more pressing things that Santa could do for womankind.

So Miley performed her own amazing version of the classic, including lines like, "I can buy my own damn stuff," "a girl's best friend is equal pay," and "I'd love to know my ass won't get grabbed at work by some ignorant jerk. And really, what more could you possibly ask for in an Xmas song remix? Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. NBC Getty Images. Watch it here:.

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Santa Baby Santa Baby
Santa Baby Santa Baby
Santa Baby Santa Baby
Santa Baby Santa Baby
Santa Baby Santa Baby

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