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Try for free Already registered? Log in. She tipped forward and presented her nipples to his lips. Houk took the bait and sucked a nipple into his mouth, then wrapped one arm around her waist. He grabbed his shaft and pushed the head forward, rubbing against her slick and spread flesh. What the heck were they doing? Houk grabbed her butt with both hands and shoved her down onto him. He groaned as his cock disappeared. The pixie tilted her head. Where had his dick gone? Was it actually in her?

An odd throb started deep in her belly. Something shed never felt before. You re big! Julie moaned. O h, yeah, this is going to be a good fuck. Houk released her nipple with a wet pop and sank his fingers into her butt cheeks. H ave I told you that you have a superlative ass? T hank you, James.

Julie grinned and rolled her hips. I m glad you like it. She pushed with her knees and his dick slid partway out. I m rather fond of this big fat cock myself. She sat down hard, burying him back in her body. Houk arched back on the couch. He sucked in a breath and cupped his palms under her spread cheeks. D amn! I m sorry, but I simply must fuck you. D o your worst, James, I can take it as hard as you can give it. Houk smiled. M usic to my ears, my dear Julie. Houk held her still and bucked his hips, driving his cock up, and up, and up into her body hard enough make sharp slapping sounds against her ass.

He grunted with the impact. G od yes! Julie writhed and moaned as he pounded into her. D on t stop! Don t. Houk looked past her shoulder and stared straight at the golden cage hidden behind the mirrored glass. A smile of pure malice curled his full lips as he fucked the lovely girl in his arms. The pixie couldnt tear her gaze from the two on the couch. She felt her pulse leap in her throat and couldnt take a full breath. His dickwas in her--and the girl obviously liked it there. Her nipples burned. She rubbed against them but it didnt make the ache go away.

It became uncomfortable to sit with her knees together. She spread her knees and discovered moisture wetting her thighs. She explored the moisture with her fingers and discovered the swollen nub at the top of her cleft. It was aching in time with her nipples. She pressed her fingers against it to relieve the ache, but something coiled tight in her belly instead. Sensual pleasure bloomed. A sense of danger bloomed with it.

Suddenly, Julie wailed. O h, fuck, I m cumming! Her whole body tensed. She gasped and hissed. S hit! She moaned and fell forward to rub her breast against the Captain s broad chest. O h, that was good. Your turn, handsome. Houk licked his lips. I want to cum on your tits, he husked. Julie grinned. M y tits are yours to cum on, James. I n that case Houk pushed her to the side, laying her down on the couch. I shall take you up on your kind invitation. His dick slid from her body, glistening with damp.

He set one leg on the floor straddling her hips and arching over her body. He spit on his palm, then grabbed his swollen shaft. He jerked on it with hurried motions. Julie writhed under him. T hat s it, oh, yeah, cum on my tits, handsome. His mouth opened as he gasped for breath. F uck Every muscle in his body tensed. He bared his teeth and groaned. O h, fuck A stream of white cream burst from his dick and spattered across her belly and breasts. Julie smeared his cream across her breasts with her hands.

O h, yeah, that feels so good! In her golden cage, the pixie came up on her knees as her fingers moved on her private flesh. Her other hand tugged on her aching nipples. She closed her eyes and bit her lip to still her whimpering cries. Pleasure boiled within her and tightened to a delicious crisis. Abruptly, her wings began to beat and her magic rose within her, echoing the climb toward climax.

I have to stop! She didnt want to stop. The cresting waves of pleasure promised a unique and unknown. Something was about to happen, something huge and terrifying. I have to stop now! She pulled her hands away from herself and grabbed the cushion under her, gasping for breath. She had no idea what had been about to happen, but she knew for a fact that her doom lay in giving in to that delicious and threatening delight.

The sound of enthusiastic moans caught her attention and she opened her eyes. Julie sat up on the couch, her breasts still wet with cum. She had the captains dick in her mouth and she was licking and sucking on it with noisy enthusiasm. Houk tossed his head back and groaned. You delightful creature! Julie released him from her mouth and wiped her hands across her lips. Told you I d bring you back to life. S o you did. His cock arched up toward his belly, wet with saliva. N ow then, dear Julie, would you be so kind as to bend over the arm of the couch?

Julie rose to her feet. I d be delighted to, James. She turned and walked around the couch with just a bit more wiggle in her butt than strictly needed to be there. She bent over the couch s arm, pressing her hands into the seat cushions. W ill this do? Houk shifted Julies haunches a few degrees then spread her legs a bit wider. He looked over his shoulder at the curio cabinet where the pixie was hidden. P erfect. He stepped away. The pixie swallowed hard. She could actually see the girls spread cleft.

It was deep pink and shiny with moisture. Houk set one foot up on the arm of the couch. In that position the pixie had a completely unobstructed view of his cock pointing straight at Julies pink flesh.


She also had a rather interesting view of Houks muscular ass and the plump roundness of his ball sack at the base of his cock. For no apparent reason, her mouth watered. Houk squeezed one of Julies ass cheeks while holding his cock positioned with his other hand. A re you ready for me, my sweet confection? Julie looked over her shoulder and smiled. I f I get any more ready I m going to drip on the carpet! E xactly what I wanted to hear.

His thighs and butt flexed as his cock pressed into her. The girls flesh opened, stretched and swallowed the rigid cock. Slowly it disappeared into her body. The pixies mouth opened in shock. So thats where the dick went. Her fingers traced her own mysterious flesh and she discovered the opening to her own body. She slipped a finger within and wondered what it would be like to have a cock in there. Houk groaned and pulled his cock partway out. The girls flesh stretched around him as he retreated. He shoved his cock back in, her flesh puckering as it swallowed his cock.

He pulled out, then back in, then out Julie moaned. D on t tease me, James! Fuck me! A s you wish. Houk increased the speed of his thrusts. He used his entire body to pound into the delighted girl. Sweat formed on his back and dripped. His breath came in soft pants. The pixies throat tightened and her mouth dried. Her body gave a hard throb. I am not going to touch myself. She closed her eyes and jammed her hands under her arms. Her nipples throbbed angrily. I won t! She tightened her knees, but her secret flesh only pulsed more intensely.

The sound of damp flesh striking damp flesh was loud. Julie gasped. O h, God! I m gonna cum! G ood girl! The pixie peeked and immediately regretted it. Houk grunted as he slammed into her, driving the girl into the seat cushions and shaking her entire body with every thrust. C um for me, Julie, cum on my cock and make me feel it. The pixie closed her eyes and turned all the way around, but her minds eye filled in all the blanks to match the wet fleshy sounds she was hearing. She felt her power surge.

This time there was no stopping her bodys hunger for forbidden pleasure, she was going to reach climax.

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She shook her head in denial even as her body pulsed toward the precipice. She didnt want her life to end just yet! Tears formed in her eyes. There had to be some way to stop her doom! In sheer desperation, she tossed a pinch of her own pixie dust over her head and willed. Houk pounded into Julies tight cunt with criminal satisfaction. The enthusiastic little whore was worth every penny hed paid. If his revenge on the pixie hadnt been so damned all consuming, Julie would have been an excellent choice to keep his bed warm.

I m cumming! Julie writhed and bucked under him. O h, shit, oh, shit Her breath caught. She stilled, then shivered hard. A howl escaped her throat, announcing her fulfillment. She bucked and moaned, shaking with erotic tremors. It was the most beautiful thing hed seen in two hundred years--a womans joyful climax. He groaned as her body pulsed like a wet velvet glove around his cock. He felt his balls tighten with immanent release. F uck! He thrust hard burying his cock, as deep as he could go. Intense pleasure boiled up his cock and spewed into her trembling body.

He thrust again to prolong the delight of his climax. Groaning, he thrust once more, using her body to squeeze the last of his load into her. He pulled from her limp and sated body with a heartfelt groan of satisfaction. Laid at last! He cupped her ass cheeks and spread them. His cum oozed from her swollen and well-fucked cunt to slither down her thighs. Triumph burned in his blood. The pixie was next.

He glanced over his shoulder at the curio cabinet. Had she been able to resist masturbating to her own doom? You are one hell of a fuck, James. She wriggled until she lay sprawled on her back with her legs still splayed wide over the couch s arm. I think I ll stay here for just a minute, if you don t mind. She chuckled. I honestly dont think I can walk just yet. N ow that is quite a compliment. Houk dropped onto the couch next to her and stroked the pale gold curls from her brow.

You were quite wonderful yourself. Thank you. N o, James, thankyou. Julie smiled with eyes dilated wide from her pleasures. Let me know if you ever need company again. Fuck the agency, Ill do you any time you like. She turned her head and kissed his palm, surprising him. You are a perfect gentleman. I assure you, I am not a gentleman. An hour and a half after she arrived, Julie left with a distinct wobble in her walk and a grin on her lips.

Houk closed the door and shook his head. It was nice to know that although out of practice, he hadnt lost his touch for pleasing women. He turned to look over at the curio cabinet. Had the foolish pixie taken the bait? He strode for the cabinet and pulled open the glass door. The pixie was a tiny stillness at the bottom of the cage.

His heart stuttered in his chest. Good God! Had he killed her? According to what he had been told long before he had been stolen away to the island, carnal knowledge was the only way to render a pixie harmless, but it wasnt supposed to kill them! He scooped her up and pulled her from the cage with trembling hands. Her long golden hair flowed through his fingers. Her shimmering wings were as ephemeral as a rainbow.

Her chest rose and fell in deep even breaths. He sighed in relief. She was only sleeping. A rich sweet musk rose from her body. Well now He bent over her and sniffed. The perfume rising from her body was unmistakable. She smelled of feminine arousal. He grinned. Oh, yes, she took the bait all right, but why was she asleep? Was this supposed to happen?

The glitter of shimmering gold caught his eye. She was covered in pixie dust. His lips curved into a bitter smile. The smart little chit must have put herself to sleep before she reached climax. It was a valiant effort on her part, but there was no way in hell that he was letting the little bitch loose while she still had the magic to destroy him.

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He shook his head. Hed simply continue with her carnal education until she masturbated to her first orgasm and her doom. Speaking of masturbation Impatiently, he tugged the old handkerchief from her delicate form. Her glorious body spread across his palms and there was nothing child-like about it. The view took his breath away. His gaze swept across her full breasts, her narrow waist, her gently rounded belly, her broad and womanly hips, and the apex of her plump thighs with avaricious.

He could feel her ridiculously round bottom against his palm. She was built to please a man a human man. M y dear Belle, I am afraid that your doom has definitely come upon you. He pulled the cage from the curio cabinet and carried it and the pixie into the bedroom. He set the cage on the dresser right in front of the mirror then gently placed the sleeping fairy back on the cushion. He crumpled the old handkerchief in his palm, then stuffed it into his robe pocket.

He locked the cage and yawned. He needed a shower and then sleep. Morning would be soon enough to continue tormenting the pixie with carnal knowledge. Sooner or later, lust would drive her to masturbate. Once she reached climax, her magic would evaporate and she would become mortal and human flesh. God he couldnt wait! Hed been dying to fuck that perfect little body for over a century. By the time he was done with her, she wouldnt have a hole that didnt have cum in it.

The pixie stirred from sleep in a pool of bright sunlight.

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It was right in her eyes. She moaned and turned over on her belly. S leep well? Houk s voice held lazy amusement. The pixie groaned. L ike the dead. And as far as she was concerned, she was more than willing to go on sleeping, too. Her breath stilled. Something wasnt right. She swept her hand across the cushion and found a bar. Okay, so she was still in the cage, she could feel the cushion under her. Then she realized that she could feel the cushion along her entire body. Her eyes popped open. Her dress was missing. She glanced around. It wasnt anywhere in the cage.

She lifted her head. The cage had been moved from the cabinet to Houks bedroom. She was on his dresser facing the foot of his bed with a very close view of Houk lounging upright against the headboard with a newspaper strewn across the covers. His broad furry chest was completely bare above the covers. H ouk, where is my dress?

T he handkerchief? Houk turned a page of his paper. I have it. She sat up with her arms over her breasts. I t s mine! My boys gave that to me! A ctually it belongs to me. T he brats stole it. He raised his chin. That was the last actual handkerchief I had from my former life as a privateer. Did you never notice the monogram? They were my initials. The pixie winced. I I can t read. Houk nodded sagely. T hat can be remedied. H ouk, I m naked! His gaze raked her nude form and a predatory smile graced his lips. You re quite lovely, did you know that?

The pixie sputtered. He thought she was lovely? Well, he was rather nice to look at, too, but she wasnt about to tell him that. Not to mention that looking at him was stirring all those strange feelings again. She turned her head away. Would you please find me something to wear? And get yourself dressed! I prefer you in the nude. The pixie fisted her hands. Well, I don t! T hen, I guess you ll have to expend some magic and make something to wear. She leveled a glare at him.

You know I damn well can t do big magic in this cage! I have to be in flight to do something like that! Houk shook his head slowly and tisked. T hen naked you shall remain. O h, you stinking pirate! The pixie dropped down flat and howled while pounding the cushion with her fists and kicking her feet.

S uch a child-like display, while vastly entertaining in your current state of undress, is very unbecoming in a young lady. The pixie raised her head. I m not a young lady, I m a pixie! She thumped the cushion with her fist. W ill you get dressed? She couldn t take much more of all this naked nudity. Houk folded the newspaper and set it to one side. U nfortunately, I can not. At least not just yet. W hy not? Houk caught the edge of his blanket.

I have to do something about this first. He pulled the blankets away with a dramatic flourish. He was utterly naked. He spread his legs, giving her an unobstructed view between strong thighs of the entire length of his profoundly erect cock rising proudly above his plump ball sack.

The pixie choked. D idn t you wear that thing out last night? Houk laughed. S uch is the nature of a man s cock. His eyes narrowed. E very morning in fact, without fail. I t looks painful. I t is quite the opposite, but it can be inconvenient at times. Houk smiled slyly. P erhaps I should have kept Julie overnight to take care of this for me. She so enjoys her work. The pixie swallowed as every memory from last night crowded into her head. A seditious coil of excitement tightened in her core. I rregardless, it is a simple matter to take care of oneself.

Houk spit on his palm and wrapped his hand around his erection. He stroked himself, pulling the sheath down to expose the purple head. He groaned. A s hard as I am, this will not take long. He slid his hand up, then down with a firm grip. The pixie flinched back. He was going to make that white creamy stuff, that cum come out of him again. H ouk! What are you doing? He smiled broadly. M asturbation.

His ass flexed as he stroked his cock. T he proper application of ones hand on ones privates coupled with the stimulus of a fine imagination. O r a lovely view. He licked his palm and squeezed the purple head of his cock. Would you like to know what delicious little fantasy entertained me for the past century or so? The pixie tightened her arms around her breasts and shook her head.

O ne morning, a very long time ago, I discovered you bathing in a pool of morning dew, naked, and unimaginably exquisite. Your nipples were hard little pebbles and your cleft was as pink as a rose. He took a deep breath. S ince that moment I have been imagining what it would be like to have you full sized and spread beneath me.

The pixie stared. He had seen her? He wantedher? Her core gave a vicious pulse. A spat of moisture smeared her thighs. She gasped and bit her lip to keep from touching herself. I have been unable to think of anything other than your sweet body, and what it would be like to fuck it ever since. S top! I don t want to hear any more! She turned her back on him and found herself facing the mirror. She could clearly see Houk tugging on his cock and her own naked breasts tipped with flushed and hardening nipples.

Houk s smile was hungry. You can cover your ears if you like, but you cannot hide that luscious body from me, not anymore. You re awful! She closed her eyes, but she could still hear his hurried breaths and the slapping sound of his hand working his cock. I have been a villain for over two hundred years. Some habits take time to overcome. Now where was I? Oh yes His breathing quickened.

I imagined spreading the petals of your tender sex and tasting the sweet salty dew of your arousal with my tongue.

The pixie's breath caught, imagining his head between her spread thighs, his long silky hair spilling over her, his tongue on her secret flesh, licking the tiny nub at the top of her cleft. I imagined filling my hands with your breasts, and sucking on your pink nipples. The pixie squeezed her breasts with her arms. His mouth would be hot and wet; his teeth would pinch deliciously. Houk groaned. I imagined pushing my cock into your tight, wet cunt.

The pixie whimpered. Hed be big and hard. Her empty core clenched in demand. Houk gasped for breath. I would fill my hands with your plump ass and fuck you; rocking your body with my thrusts as your hips bucked against mine, fucking me just as hard. He moaned. How I would fuck the living hell out of your tight wet cunt.

The pixie looked helplessly into the mirror. His hand moved with frenzied speed on his cock. Every muscle in his body tensed. His masculine nipples were hard nubs. His eyes blazed with sensual heat as he stared at her. I could just hear your cries as you came under me; your body trembling and squeezing my cock with your exquisite climax. And then I would shove my cock as deep as it would go and fill your hot little cunt with my cum.

He choked. O h, yes, that did it He reached under his pillow and pulled out a small square of linen. He wrapped it around his cock and tugged. His throat released a deep groan and he threw his head back. O h, yes, oh fuck!

Cream erupted from his cock and spilled over the linen in his hand, spattering a long stream on his belly. A h, that s much better. He continued to tug, milking more cum from his cock and sighed. Q uite a load, too. He mopped the cream from his belly with the small bit of cloth, and sat up. N ow that my balls have been emptied, I can take my shower, and get some work done. He got up and tossed the soiled cloth to the end of the bed. He chuckled as he walked into the bathroom.

The pixie stared at the abandoned cloth. She sucked in a sharp breath. It was her dress. Houk came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his hips singing a ditty that she had heard the pirates sing before:. If all the young lassies were bells in the tower, - And I was a sexton; Id bang on the hour! Roll your leg over, and roll your leg over. Roll your leg over! Its better that way! The pixie hadn t known that the song was so sexual.

Houk pulled a black suit from his closet. O ut of sheer curiosity, Belle, what do you muse on when you masturbate? He pulled off the towel and picked up the trousers.

‘faerie’ stories

The pixie scooted back to the far side of her cage. I don t! You don t? Houk shrugged into a silvery silk shirt, then turned to the mirror by the closet door to button it. You do not imagine anything at all? He picked up a long black tie and skillfully knotted it around his collar. I don t w hatever it is you said it was I t is called masturbation. He tucked the tails of his shirt into his trousers. W hen you touch yourself to reach orgasm. His smile was sly. The pixie shook her head vigorously.

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N o no, I don t do that at all! You do not masturbate? Not ever? Houk s brows rose as he sat down on the bed to put on his socks then his shoes. W hy ever not? I find it very relaxing. B ecause Because it s not something fairies do! Houk picked up the double-breasted jacket and shrugged into it.

H ow dull. The pixie shivered. He was taunting her deliberately. He was trying to do something and whatever it was, it was working. She had never been so confused and so frightened in all her life. W hy do you hate me so much? In two strides, he was at the side of her cage.

The pixie huddled as far from him as she could. I do not hate you, Belle. He sighed and shook his head. M y lust is far too strong to ever hate you. He straightened and lifted his chin.

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B ut, I am very angry with you, and I will have my revenge, pixie. W hy don t you just kill me? The pixie felt the tears start in her eyes. Just like her island, she really didnt have a reason to continue. The boys she had lived for were gone. You can, you know. B elay that right now! Houk grabbed the cage with both hands.

His mouth was white as he scowled down at her. I have never had a wish for your demise. Your downfall, yes, but I would never seek your death! I don t mind, really. The pixie closed her eyes. W ithout my boy T hat brat never knew what he had. Houk sneered. E ven if you wore mortal flesh, that brat would still seek out someone his own age to play with. He is a boy, and boys know nothing of love. The pixie blinked up at him. Her heart thumped oddly in her chest. L ove? Houk released the cage as though it burned his hands. He picked up the brush on the dresser and proceeded to ruthlessly bind his long hair into a neat tail.

The pixie tried to understand the sudden and raging confusion tearing through her heart. H ouk? Yes, Belle? W hat did you mean: love? Houk sighed and set the brush down. He bent and set both hands on the dresser, staring hard at the floor. I n case you haven t noticed, I have been in love with you for over a hundred years. B ut that s impossible! The captain couldn t love her they were enemies!

Houk laughed, and the sound was bitter. Tell that to my heart, because it refuses to listen to me. He looked over at the cage. When you began to tear apart the island, I knew, of course. I knew that the stupid boy had abandoned you, taking the rest with him. I knew that I was free to go, finally. I also knew that I could not continue my life without having you nearby. He groaned and straightened. I put you in a cage and took you with me because I could not bear the thought of never seeing you again.

The pixie tilted her head in confusion. B ut you re mad at me. O h, yes indeed. Houk nodded and laughed. You have no idea just how angry I am. But I do not hate you.

Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)
Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica) Pixie Lust (Fantasy Erotica)

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