My Life Of Alcohol Addiction

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Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Health

When the withdrawal symptoms begin, many people who are trying to stop drinking give up if the symptoms become aggravating enough and decide to take a drink just to ease the discomfort. Thankfully, there are medications available called benzodiazepines like Librium chlordiazepoxide and Ativan lorazepam that can help control your withdrawal symptoms without the need to drink alcohol. As long as your symptoms are mild to moderate, you can safely stop drinking alcohol at home.

Long-time or heavy drinkers should involve a doctor in this process but because it's impossible to predict just how severe withdrawal symptoms will be. If you go into delirium tremens without supervision, it could prove fatal. You'll also need someone to stay with you to make sure you aren't developing more severe symptoms that need medical attention like seizures, hallucinations, severe vomiting, fever, or high blood pressure.

Once you've gone through withdrawal, you'll also need a plan to remain alcohol-free.

Set goals and prepare for change

Ask your doctor for advice on treatment for alcohol dependence. There are many other resources available for anyone who is sincere about stopping drinking for good, or who wants to reduce the harm alcohol may be causing in their life by cutting down. You may greatly benefit from the encouragement and support that you can find at a support group meeting like Alcoholics Anonymous AA or even an online meeting.

SAMHSA also has an online treatment services locator that will find treatment facilities that are near you.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Identification and management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Benzodiazepines and Beyond. J Clin Diagn Res. Harvard Health Publications. Alcohol Withdrawal. Updated March 26, Medline Plus. National Library of Medicine. Updated August 14, Delirium Tremens. National Helpline.

Department of Health and Human Services. Updated April 19, More in Addiction. Psychological Symptoms Feeling jumpy or nervous Shakiness Anxiety Irritability or becoming excited easily Rapid emotional changes Depression Fatigue Difficulty thinking clearly Bad dreams. Physical Symptoms Headache Sweating, especially the palms of your hands or your face Clammy skin Paleness Rapid heart rate palpitations Nausea and vomiting Loss of appetite Insomnia Pupils of different sizes enlarged, dilated pupils Involuntary, abnormal movements of your eyelids Abnormal movements Tremor of your hands.

The symptoms of delirium tremens include:. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! It is a network of support that exists for you no matter where you go. Sometimes the knowledge that there is structured support waiting for you when you need it is comforting. The best thing about initiating recovery when treating alcohol problems are all of the new beginnings it births. People reclaim their lives.

Alcohol use disorder: Mayo Clinic Radio

They have the sense that their purpose is restored, and they enjoy an increased sense of personal power and worthiness. Alcoholism can be likened to an inexorable downward spiral, one guaranteed to continue until the individual affected gets so sick and tired of being sick and tired that they choose to change their behavior rather than stay on their current path.

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That is the official moment of transformation, for it is in that moment of choosing that healing begins. Has addiction stolen your loved one? Take action and call or fill out this form to speak with a Treatment Consultant about options for help. Testimonials I highly recommend it! It's an awesome place.

I attend now and they're amazing! I can't say enough about this wonderful staff. They have truly helped me and given me so much information to take with me. This is a life long disease, so you have to take the information and use it for the rest of your life. It's a day by day process and it's not always easy. That's when you refer back to the information they give you. I highly recommend Lake Wellness Center You can't put a price on that!

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For the first time, after all the previous treatment I have received, I can honestly look forward to a much better future. If you really want to be sober, this is THE place to be:. This was a life changing experience. The staff not only cares about you, they regularly listen to your concerns to make the detox and recovery process as comfortable as possible. We chose to use a substance and it took over our lives. Look at the biology!

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

It makes sense! Kudos to all the staff who changed my life! Without it, I would either be in jail or dead. This program has taught me that addiction is a disease and I am not a bad person. It has brought my family closer, allowing us to do things together without attention centered around my using. But after evaluating my life, it became evident that changes were needed. I have always been a procrastinator and desperately needed a push. Lake Wellness has helped me to finally arrive at a starting point. Getting Sober with Help is More Successful than Quitting Alone There are many reasons why it is a good idea for people to treat alcohol abuse sooner rather than later.

Treatment Provides New Perspective. Along the Path to Sobriety Addicts tend to hang out with each other, but isolated from the rest of society.

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Unmistakable Signs Some individuals who abuse alcohol have caring friends and relatives willing and able to stage a compassionate intervention. Have you ever driven an automobile while under the influence of alcohol? Have any of your friends and family expressed concern about your drinking? Do you have memory lapses when you drink? Do you drink alone? Are you afraid you cannot quit?

I was an alcoholic and lost 20 years of my life to alcohol because I wanted to fit in | Metro News

A yes to any of these questions should cause you to worry about alcohol abuse. Safety and Monitoring During Detox Alcohol is a substance that is both mentally and physically addictive. Consider Whole Family Recovery When you state your intention to become sober and to heal yourself by seeking alcohol treatment, you identify the elephant in the room and take away its power. Long-Term Support Network Perhaps the best part of functional recovery is that you gain access to a community that can easily be compared to a large and extended family.

Feel Better Today.

My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction My Life Of Alcohol Addiction
My Life Of Alcohol Addiction

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