Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way

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Don't learn them the wrong way. Forget about memorizing one phrasal verb after another. Every bird, every flower, every blade of grass can speak to us of our God's care and love. O is for the opportunities we have to grow together, to learn new skills , and to Laughing along, singing a song, sharing a dream or two. Very good article on how God will fully guide your steps in this life, along with all and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him. A Spirit guide is not here to control your life or advise you in ways that have not of a Universal Spiritual guide you can always ask the Gods and the Angels.

So the person who has to guide them must know what they have learned in this lifetime. For the common person , the most important advice we can give is to let the dying person have faith in transmigration. Most people even though they are dying, do not believe there is transmigration. Therefore, it is very difficult to guide them. If the dying person has no faith in transmigration, even if you talk a lot and repeat and quote many sutras , he will not believe it. We must very frankly and plainly talk about transmigration. There are three kinds of transmigration of the wheel of transmigration. The first is transmigration of thoughts ; you must tell the dying person--you do not believe transmigration but every day within a few minutes there is a transmigration of your thoughts.

Let me explain to you. When you think, "Today is a nice day; God favoured us with good weather;" you have the good mind or faith on nature or God. This thought is a thought of heaven. Afterwards you may have another thought that you want to do something to help the birds, but somebody else also has such a thought. So you think "Oh, I wish this man wasn't here. I want to give this food just myself. I didn't know and began to put my rice out when he said, "Hey, I already put food out for them, so don't you do it.

How to Guide the Dying Person

Then another thought occurred, "Oh, I must send my boy to school and must give him some lunch money. If a man sees a beautiful girl, follows her and wants to have sexual intercourse with her, this is transmigration from man to an animal such as a dog. If he cannot get her and wants to do something bad to her, to rob her or take her by force, in this way his thoughts transmigrate into the hungry ghost realm. If he further thinks , "If I cannot get her, I will kill her;" this thought falls into hell.

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Even as we talk about a few of a man's thoughts , all our thoughts are transmigrating into the six realms. Who can say that you always have thoughts of human nature? If you cannot settle this question, your thoughts transmigrate with no certainty of where they are going. This is thought transmigration. The second kind of transmigration is by dreams. You have dreams. Could you guarantee that your dreams are good? Some are good dreams and some are bad dreams. Among all these dreams , different dreams have different consequences, different happenings, different results.

That is why the Buddhist who wants to practice Amitabha and Pure Land School must always dream of Amitabha , Avalokitesvara , of a Lotus , of mother, father; these are good dreams. If you have other dreams , hunting girls and taking things without asking and drinking and smoking , this is due to bad conduct which has been gathered. Bad conduct affects your subconscious and then when you sleep bad dreams come. So through dreams you also have some transmigration.

In this way when you live you have thoughts and the consequent transmigration; when you sleep , you cannot guarantee you have no dreams , then how can you guarantee there is no transmigration after your death? You must guide the dying person to have such a faith on transmigration.

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Suppose you give such advice many times, but he does not take it today and he does not take it tomorrow. Then you have to try to ask him how he can guarantee he will not transmigrate; You should say, I cannot say you will transmigrate; I do not force you to believe it, but how do you guarantee yourself that there is no transmigration at all? If there is no transmigration at all, then your belief and actions are right. I would also like it, because then there would be no fear of transmigrating.

But there might in fact be transmigration. So the problem cannot be settled by sage or by science , or by yourself. So if you have not settled this problem, then it might be so or it might not be so. Which would be better for you to believe in?

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Which one should you choose over the other? The advisor must give some parable or example at this point. You may say, suppose we are going past a very dangerous mountain. Some say there is a tiger living there, some say the tiger is not there, it is just a rumour. This you cannot settle. Do you think it is better to believe this or not?

If you believe there is no tiger , you will not prepare anything to protect yourself and will not be careful when passing that mountain. If you believe there is a tiger , you will carefully prepare something to defend yourself with and slowly, watchfully go past that area.

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Similarly, whether there is transmigration or not cannot be settled. However, it is better to believe in transmigration than to believe there is no transmigration. Suppose one newspaper said the weather today will be sunny with a slight chance of rain , but another paper said, today will be a little windy with no rain at all. So these two papers give different information : you may believe in one or the other, but you cannot definitely know which is right. It is better to believe there may be rain and then you can prepare by bring an umbrella. If you believe there will be no rain , when the rain does come you will have no umbrella and will get wet.

So in this way, if you cannot settle the problem, you should believe that there is transmigration and prepare yourself for it. This is better than not believing and finding yourself completely unprepared for that reality. So many religions , so many sages , and so many records in history say there is transmigration.

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  • Tibet has tulkus who are said to be transmigrated from this body to that body. It is also said that Jesus was sent by God and he returned to heaven and that also he will come again.

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    • Everybody believes this, so we better believe there is transmigration and prepare for a very good rebirth. This is how to guide the dying person to believe there is transmigration. Soon he may little by little believe, "Oh, yes, it really might be so. You should tell him if he dreams yesterday or this night of a black flag, or burned-up wood as a burned tree , or he dreams of very dirty water , or of some heavy smoke, these all indicate a bad womb and he should not enter this kind of womb.

      If a black flag or burnt wood, he will be born into hell. If he sees dirty water , he will be born into the ghost realm. If he sees heavy smoke, he will be born as an animal. There are these three kinds of bad wombs. You also must know and tell him that your consciousness will leave your body by one of the gates. If you are going to a very bad hell , your consciousness will leave through your feet and go down to that hell ; if your consciousness goes out through the penis or vagina, it will go to the animal realm.

      If the consciousness departs from the anus, it will also go to hell. If your consciousness leaves through the mouth , you will be a hungry ghost. When such a thing happens, you must know how to correctly choose the good womb. The only way to go to heaven is for the consciousness to leave through the top of the head.

      There are two kinds of heaven. The common heaven is four fingers widths from the hairline on the forehead and the Buddha's heaven , the Pure Land , is eight fingers widths therefrom, so always keep your mind on this part and your consciousness will follow your mind. When your mind is up, your consciousness is up; when your mind is down, your consciousness is down.

      The third instruction is to practice daily praying, "Please, Amitabha , Avalokitesvara , Vajrapani , come all together to me and help bring me up to the Pure Land. For the fourth instruction, listen to your advisor. The fifth is, don't remember the worldly things of this lifetime. The sixth, don't hate all the bad things you have met in this world.

      You must not think of your bad condition and bad luck and just hate them; this will not help you and will just get a bad result. Always keep a good mind and confess all your evils. This is very important. If there is no hope that he will listen to you, the advisor concerning what I have mentioned above, but the dying person just talks a lot about his thoughts , "Oh, when I was young I had a good husband and son You have to guide him back.

      Don't talk about such things near your death time for you cannot retrieve the past, so you better listen to all my advice which will help you in the future to come. You must repeat the Amitabha Sutra , the Diamond Sutra , the Heart Sutra , to him; speak in a loud voice toward his ear , even though he is still talking. Do not listen to him but just repeat the Sutras. If even only one word , one sentence of the sutra does come into his consciousness , it can more or less help him.

      And very important is the forty-eight great vows in the long Amitabha Sutra. You must explain every vow and say, "How kind Amitabha is to us, how powerful Amitabha is, how merciful Amitabha is, he will come to us and you will see him yourself. It can be proved. At that very time use Phowa. This is the last hope for him. In Part I, I talked about how to, in general , guide the dying person. Now I will give some complement about the advisor who is trying to guide the dying. What is the ability one should possess to be able to really guide the dying person to get a good rebirth.

      Good rebirth may be divided into three realms : some people get a good rebirth into the state of the Dharmakaya and become one with the Dharmakaya of the Buddha. Some get the full Enlightenment of the Sambhogakaya , while some may only get the Nirmanakaya or some good rebirth in human kind.

      Each of these three realms also has its necessary conditions for the ability to guide. Surely if the three abilities to guide are perfectly possessed then the three kinds of rebirth can be perfectly attained. For guiding the dying person to get the Dharmakaya , the guide must have the ability of the Identification of the Sunyata and the Bright Entity. What does the identification of the Sunyata and the Bright Entity mean? The Right View of Sunyata and the Brightness Entity means that you learn about Mahayana and learn about the Sunyata philosophy , ways of practicing so that eventually you will get the realization of the Sunyata itself and the identification with the Brightness Entity.

      Brightness Entity means the full Enlightenment light , the entity light which is the pre-condition of Mahamudra. How to say that the Sunyata and the Bright Entity are identified? The Sunyata is not really emptiness , really of nothing ; the sunyata is without self , without volition , and it will identify with all meditative light ; when the meditative light shines out it does not have any other volition , it does not have any special thought , any special volition , any special idea.

      There are many kinds of light. Even in a cat's eye there are many kinds of light ; even a horse can see in the darkness; even in sick people , each kind of disease has its own kind of light ; even in the Bardo state the demons also have light. So there is light in the holy state, in the Sunyata state. Some light is very shallow, some very deep; some very narrow, some very wide. In the Amitabha Sutra , there are said to be many kinds of light of the Buddha , some shine 1, miles , some shine many millions of miles , some shine throughout the whole Dharmadhatu.

      But the final Sunyata means identification with the final brightness of full Enlightenment. When this happens, there is just the Dharmakaya. So the guide becomes Dharmakaya and the dying person also enjoys the Dharmakaya. This kind of Right View of the philosophy then can connect with practice. This I talk about as the Course of the Sunyata identification with the Brightness. How can a person go about getting it, what is the way to practice it? The way is through the fourth initiation. After the fourth initiation , you get permission to practice Mahamudra.

      The Mahamudra practice is the very special highest teaching of the fourth initiation and there are many rituals for practice within it. Some of these rituals have been translated into Chinese and I have given some criticism about these rituals in a large Chinese work of mine which is more than pages long. Even in Tibet there are many, many mistakes made about these rituals. First of all you must know that the starting point of what is called One-Pointed Yoga of the Mahamudra is not the same as that of Samatha.

      The Samatha point is very simple and is a starting point for all kinds of meditations , for all kinds of religions. For Mahamudra the starting point is Sunyata concentration on the Brightness Entity. This point specially shows that the Sunyata itself and the Brightness itself are both identified in one alone, called One-Point.

      This One-Point is just the Dharmakaya , and is a philosophical point. The one-point of Samatha is a physical point which occupies a space and must not be moved in the concentration. That is Samatha. The Mahamudra One-Point is the identification on the one hand of the Sunyata itself, the philosophical sunyata itself of non-self , and on the other hand identification with the whole brightness of the non-cloud sky; everywhere is seen as the same color , as a cloudless blue sky, everywhere is the same Sunyata. Many Tibetan people say that they practice Mahamudra but actually they don't know what Mahamudra really means.

      They take the Samatha one-point as a starting point and then say "I can meditate in action "; this is foolish talk. What does the second stage of Mahamudra mean, the escape from and riddance of play words. To get rid of play words in a sutra , as in the Maha Paramita Sutra , there is talk about the Sunyata. This is exoteric , not esoteric. Exoteric is just some talk about philosophical thoughts. But esoteric is the realization of the actual thing ; real embodiment comes from the esoteric.

      Exoteric is just talk, as setting down a map; have such a thought , have such an impression. But when it comes to the initiation into the Mahamudra by the Guru's blessing , the practitioner really gets the embodiment , really travels to the place only represented on a map. So the riddance of play words and the embodiment of the Mahamudra is the second stage and is much higher than the first stage, equal to the eighth stage of the Bodhisattva. The third Mahamudra stage is called One-Taste Yoga.

      The exoteric doctrine also talks about one-taste ; they say water and ice are the same thing, water is not different from ice, ice is not different from water. But this is only theory , not embodiment.

      Unlocking Your Dreams - Session 1 - Biblical Introduction to Dream Interpretation

      In the esoteric practice, the One-Taste Yoga of Mahamudra actually comes, love utilizes the Sunyata and becomes one with the Sunyata practice and the practitioner gets the Sambhogakaya , the great pleasure. E se l'universo non pesasse nulla e quindi la materia non esistesse realmente? All'alba del nuovo millennio il satellite WMAP, oltre a fornirci una misura del cosmo mai ottenuta fino ad ora, ha creato non pochi grattacapi alla concezione di universo a cui ancora oggi ostinatamente crediamo.

      Questo libro, attraverso il racconto di cent'anni di scoperte sconvolgenti della Fisica, ci conduce fino ad una nuova, strabiliante visione del cosmo. Curiosamente identica a quella di un mistico. Numerosi aneddoti suggeriscono leggi e principi legati alla fisica spirituale.

      Nella nostra epoca, Falco come alchimista rappresenta una voce originale. Vadusfadam is not just a strange monk. If what they say is true, he is an alien who has arrived on Earth by means of reincarnation, to trade in, produce and cultivate ideas. He talks of thought as merchandise exchanged between worlds, he tells of great divinities who observe us commenting on our steps, he teaches… So what does the time monk Vadusfadam teach us? And then, his way of disappearing from the planet… Who on earth is this being? A helper, a controller, an Envoy? Oberto Airaudi Falco Tarassaco. Es seguidor de OroCritshna desde que era joven.

      Buen juego.. Trentasei tavole in bianco e nero, in cui i segni della Lingua sacra si sviluppano in originali composizioni tutte da colorare, coltivando la propria personale ispirazione. And what questions, doubts and hopes might be born as a result of such a meeting. We encounter ourselves in memories, strange coincidences, ancient languages; we nourish ourselves according to the original dietary gospel, confronting as readers the same tests as those of the protagonists.

      In the end the Awakening that is talked of is ours: to awaken means to learn to think of yourself and life with joy and love towards others. Vadusfadam the monk is calling you: are you ready to leave? Selfic structures enhance personal well-being, sensitivity, and mental and physical balance.

      The universe is a great machine governed by spiritual laws involving every creature. Falco explains the secrets through spiritual physics. Ist dies vielleicht die Endzeit?

      Ein Neuanfang in der Geschichte der Menschheit? Er ist ein geheimnisvoller Gesandter und seine Botschaft ist die Vision einer Welt, die sowohl ideal als auch pragmatisch ist. Er schickt uns auf eine Reise durch Freude, Schmerz und Liebe auf der wir unserem tiefsten Selbst begegnen und es mit anderen teilen. Dies ist das 1. This is a book of alchemy suitable for children and adults. Numerous anecdotes suggest laws and principles related to spiritual physics, and the stories contain many practical directions so that you can carry out your own experiments.

      Falco Tarassaco Oberto Airaudi. Part two presents three very amusing theatre pieces, again drawing Damanhurian history. These lines link the various celestial bodies and the intelligences that can access them. Whenever a reader consults The Book of Synchronicity, he or she is in effect accessing this flow of knowledge.

      The books of Damanhur

      Easy to understand and use, the book can be consulted immediately for quick answers as well as longer divination processes, with no further study or outside knowledge of other divination traditions necessary. The technique is simple: readers ask a question and then throw a die, while concentrating on the question. Over the centuries, philosophers and spiritual leaders who did not behave in a "virtuous" way or spoke too freely of their theories often had problems with survival: from Socrates to Plato, and then Osho, Krishnamurti, Mere, Kriyananda, all the way to the spiritual guide of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco.

      On these pages, we recapitulate the events of a very Italian experience that started more than forty years ago: esoteric thought, creation of a Popolo Spirituale Spiritual People , community life with transformations that have come about through alchemies that were not always easy, through Temples, art, alternative economy, Selfica technology, networks of organizations, and a complex social-political organization. Damanhur is like a crystal with many faces to discover, visiting or living there for shorter or longer periods of time.

      Plants perceive sound and love to play music. This is demonstrated by studies and experiments conducted in academic research and, more importantly, by the experiences of many researchers and musicians who teach plants to use electronic, musical equipment to play and sing along with them. The research into plant intelligence, plant sensitivity and the willingness of plants to communicate with us opens our minds and our hearts to a new vision of nature and to unprecedented opportunities to dialogue with the plant world. In an interplanetary system there is an empire formed of worlds inhabited by alien beings with decidedly original characteristics: flying creatures that never settle, attracted by the depths of the sea; a species that moves at ultra-high speed; creatures convinced they are the only one of their kind, alone in the world they inhabit; species whose senses are limited exclusively to touch; beings amazingly similar to Earth people; trees with very highly developed intelligence.

      Science fiction? And in any case, they remind us that the Earth is a just small planet on the very edge of a galaxy. At sixteen, the young Oberto, who in his adulthood with the name of Falco Tarassaco would have become the founder of Damanhur, collected his poems in a book and soon after published a short story in the form of letters. There was no trace then of what would have happened a few years later, of his consciousness awakening, or of his social, artistic and spiritual adventure in Damanhur… Or maybe there was!

      How much of Falco Tarassaco, as an enlightened spiritual guide, is contained in these writings? How many fine threads link the thoughts of young Oberto to the philosophy developed by Falco in his forty years of spiritual teachings? Reality is often more incredible than the imagined. The Chest of Memories and Checkmate to Time! This book describes how and why this works, illustrating the functions of the Synchronic Lines and the paths they take, with the help of maps and illustrations. Immaginate un lavoro lungo e paziente, sottoterra, durato anni e anni da parte di donne e uomini silenziosi e appassionati Un manuale contenente le istruzioni per coloro che hanno perso la memoria di chi sono stati, in tempi e luoghi diversi della storia conosciuta e di quella non conosciuta, e desiderano ricordare nuovamente la propria origine.

      Essere in grado di mostrare il proprio innato senso di creazione in ogni situazione. Immaginare il mondo costituito da tante creature in sintonia e in connessione tra loro e in simbiosi con il pianeta Terra. Ein Helfer, jemand der die Kontrolle hat, ein Gesandter? Would you li ke to subscribe to our newsletter? If you have a dream of creating a new world, like we do, in which every human being can thrive and be in service to the higher good, we are sure you will enjoy reading it!

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      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way
      Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way Dream Guider - A Guide to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams Gods Way

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